The Passion for Global Trekking

Life is a journey that I am of the opinion should be filled to the brim with memories. I personally do not recall what cell phone I had 5 years ago but I do remember my travel experiences including small fun stories and people that I met.

Yes, we all have a different concept of travel; some enjoy being pampered whilst staying in fancy hotels whilst others choose destinations where they can relax and rest up. Others choose destinations where there is great opportunity for shopping; then there are those like me who want to visit different countries to understand their essence and lock up the memories forever.

Belonging to a middle class family in Pakistan, I grew up hearing stories of my parents’ 6 weeks trek around Europe. Incidentally my father who had already seen more countries than anyone else I knew, was the one who encouraged me to take my first independent vacation to Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Till date he remains my favorite travel partner simply given the fact that we both have similar travel goals.

Through my travel blogs, I hope to share with my readers some of my experiences and understanding of the personality of the places I have visited.


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