Budapest – A Quaint Experience

When planning a trip, I usually possess a preconceived idea as to what the city would be like. However, unlike other cities that  I have visited, I entered Budapest with almost no preconceived ideologies. Hence, the quaint combination of old architecture buildings and natural beauty was a very pleasant surprise, not to mention the friendly people.

Despite the unification of Buda and Pest, the first thing that hits one are the still present differences. Whilst Buda is calm, serene and green, Pest is a unique combination of modern city life with old architecture.

budapest 19
Flash Mob – City Center

As soon as I had managed to check in to my hotel in Budapest, I decided to make the most of the daylight and went for a short walk to the shopping area in the city center. A funky and fun flash mob was a pleasant surprise.

budapest 4
Dobos torta

Whilst visiting Buda, I could not resist some of the amazing local desserts including the Dobos Torta which had the perfect combination of chocolate and caramel. Its a must eat.

budapest 15
Hungarian Parliament House
budapest 16
Hungarian Parliament House
budapest 6
Matthias Church

During my travels, I personally love visiting churches and temples especially ones with a unique architectural appeal. I have to admit the beautiful Matthias Church with its unique warm orange roof was a surprise even for me.

For all those looking for that quaint combination of peace, modern city life and history Budapest is a must visit.


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