Far East Chapter 2 (Mulu Park)

When planning out my trip to Malaysia, I decided to avoid going to family and friends for feedback regarding places to see. This decision was influenced by two main factors, firstly I had already taken a small vacation to Kuala Lumpur in 2010 and secondly I was feeling uncharacteristically adventurous. Hence, I simply researched the must sees of Malaysia and the first place that popped up was the Gunung Mulu National Park in the Sarawak province of Malaysia.

Taking a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Mulu (via Miri), I arrived at the park mid-afternoon. Since the nearest and most convenient place to stay was the Mulu Marriott Resort and Spa I chose convenience over price.


Deciding not to waste my first evening there, I took the night walk. Despite it being rainy in the area we still managed to see fascinating insects and other small creatures whilst trekking through the rain forest.

I had never considered that the type of small creatures that I normally shirk away from would be so curiously mesmerizing.

After the 2 hour trek, I headed to rest up for a day trip the memories of which I will always hold dear.


Before I launch off into a description of the walk, it is imperative to mention that like most Pakistani’s, I am not very athletic and my muscles are inherently stiff.

Many thanks to my tour mates – Andrea and Bernd Richard (Germany), Amina and Giovanni Ginaldi (Italy), Wei Wei Shih (Australia) and Gabriel Ferreira Batista (Brazil)

I reached the Mulu National Park well in time and met up with my group, people whom I will always appreciate for being patient and supportive beyond the call of duty.

We started the tour off by walking into a beautiful cave with stalactites, stalagmites and sleeping bats. After a good half hour of oohs and aahs at the gorgeous sights, much to my chagrin the guide went towards a 4 feet high white rock with a thick rope next to it and said lets start. At the time it felt almost as if someone had jolted me up from a deep sleep.

However, determined I joined my tour mates for a grueling yet memorable trek that consisted of 8 hours walking up, down, over, under, in and on rocks, water, and mountains.

Wild Mushrooms on the Mountains

En route we experienced the Malaysian rain forest at its best whilst trekking up mountain paths where walkways were defined by tree roots, using ropes to climb rocks and walking through 4 feet of water.

Begrudgingly I have to admit, my aches and pains were overridden by the gorgeous sights that included snails, natural forestation and a gorgeous waterfall.


For anyone who is up for adventure and a physical challenge, a walk down Eden is highly recommended.


My last day at the Sarawak province, I decided to visit the famous Wind and Clearwater caves.

The moment you get off the boat at the first stop at Wind Caves and walk inside, the first thing that effects you are the strong winds that are uncharacteristic of the Malaysian rainforest. Stalactites and Stalagmites formed over millions of years were a sight of sore sights especially those that played with the light and shadows to create illusions of unique shapes and figures.

Next we re-boarded the boat to head for towards the Clearwater Caves. At the harbor we climbed 200 steps to reach the natural wonder that was inside the caves.

Within the caves there were unique limestone formations that had been developed by water and other natural influences over millions of years.

Concluding, the trip to Mulu is one that I will always recall with the fondest of memories and highly recommend.


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